Online Ceramic Puppet Tutorials

Online Ceramic Puppet Tutorials

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Slow Life Workshops is offering Online Tutorials for the making of a Ceramic Puppet. THIS IS ONLY BEING OFFERED TO PARTICIPANTS WITHIN A 50 K ZONE OF THE DANDENONGS MELB DUE TO CARONAVIRUS LIMITATIONS. THE COST OF THE COURSE WILL INCLUDE, CLAY, BISQUE FIRING AND A PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE WITHIN THE RADIUS MENTIONED.  The tutorials will be available as needed and as a package. Carving tools, underglazes, glaze  AND THE COST OF A GLAZE/PICK UP  WILL BE AN EXTRA COST. These can be purchased from the website.

When the green ware ceramics is picked up to be fired it is in a fragile state so couriers can't be used at this stage. I am happy to assist you to ensure your clay arrives safely to be fired. Once the clay has been in the kiln it will be couried back to you, so please include special supportive wrapping and a box for it to be returned to your door in. If a second firing of glazing is to be be organised, you will be charged the weight of the sculpture for firing, plus the cost of a courier one way. The sculptures will then come to me where I will wire the support beams in place ready for suspension. Skills such as construction techniques, firing instructions and underglaze painting will be covered. The hanging devices will be included along with a demonstration of this process. All students may contact Leah Bright directly throughout the course to ensure they are confident with their process.

All tutorials will be detailed, showing visual footage of the types of :

1)recommended clays and equipment used for this task. 

2)drawing processes/ inspirations  and visual resources.

3) construction of the head, adding detail/proportion and scale.

4) creating the neck and body.

5) scafitto techniques, adding extra detail.

6) underglazes, or optional painting techniques depending upon interior/exterior location.

7) firing process.

8) ( possible glazing process depending upon location)

9 Wiring of the sculpture for suspension.